Turning ideas into businesses

Consultancy and investment in market research projects


Magma Growth is a consultancy and investment platform focused on developing companies that leverage technology
to offer advertisers a much more relevant and efficient knowledge about their consumers for an optimized decision making.

Magma Growth is…


A widely experienced team in the market research field worldwide


Knowledge of the analytics and market research ecosystem all around the world


Know-how in the creation and launch of start-ups in the market research industry


Track-record in different market research multinationals

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Technological innovation as the basis for the creation of new market research businesses
Research Development Innovation

Based in Spain and with worldwide presence, Magma provides its companies with advice, expertise and know-how for an efficient development of consumer analytics' entrepreneurial projects.

Magma’s main goal is to act as an accelerator of the growth of value added market research entrepreneurial projects, supporting its success in the long-term and ensuring an efficient development.

  • Strategy

    Businesses models definition
    and "go-to-market" strategies

  • Advice

    For the technological innovation
    and implementation

  • Funding

    Supporting fund-raising

  • Networking

    Strategic and commercial networking


Expert and innovative market research solutions with a
strong technological basis and disruptive business models
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Conzoom is a consulting agency specialized in consumer analytics that provides its clients with innovative insights for the development of efficient marketing and communication strategies
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Snappy is an online real-time market research platform that helps companies of all sizes obtaining representative, relevant, first quality and in the right context of consumption information about its consumers

Technological innovation is our starting point
for the development of new market research initiatives.

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